Why Are Some Phones Rolling Out in September?

Why Are Some Phones Rolling Out in September?


Mobile phones or mobiles have become a part of our life. We use them to connect to the internet and stay connected with our friends and family. Now, mobile companies are coming up with new and advanced mobile applications. You can buy mobiles based on your needs. If you need the latest updates, latest news, or simply want to know more about the company, simply log on to the Gadgets 360 website on your Smartphone or Smartphone.

These devices run on a variety of technologies like GSM, CDMA, HSDPA, and GPRS. These mobile phones are equipped with advanced processors, memory, media players, and sensors. Latest mobile phones are packed with innovative features and technology that make it highly useful. These devices also run on Windows operating system. This article is all about the newest news and updates for these mobiles, which are expected to be launched in the next January. Let us see the new feature introduced in the Oxygen OS 11 beta version.

Samsung Galaxy S20 fe – The Samsung has introduced a new mobile in the market, called Samsung Galaxy S20. This device is equipped with the Galaxy S Pen, which can be used to access several Samsung apps. Samsung Galaxy S20 has also started rolling out news from Samsung itself, which will be of great use to those who are fans of news.

Samsung Galaxy S4 – The Samsung Galaxy S4 is the latest generation of Samsung mobiles, which is equipped with the new UMDMA 4.2 processor and the Exynos 5 Octa mobile processor. Samsung is gearing up for the brand’s entry into the enterprise segment. With this handset, the company is looking forward to woo more clients and increase its market share. Samsung Galaxy S4 is expected to be launched in the next half of the year, so look for the new news from Samsung, before this stable update hits the market.

Google Nexus S – Google has started rolling out the Google Nexus S. The handset is considered as a high-end device that comes with a great deal of features and is quite unique in its design and the software package. Apart from this, there is a new news coming out from Google, which will be of great help to those who want to get the latest version of Android. You should get in touch with your friends and get this Android handset in time for the launch.

Motorola Phones – With the launch of Motorola smartphones in the market, there is a great chance to update your old handset. However, this is not the only reason why you should invest in a Motorola smartphone. The manufacturer is gearing up to introduce a new operating system for its phones in the next two or three months. The Android PEDroid would be upgraded and this will be the new trend for all the Motorola handsets. So, if you are interested in getting the latest version of android, make sure you grab this opportunity.

Nokia E73 – If you are planning to invest in a mobile that is stylish, comfortable and offers you all the basic facilities that you may need, then you should go for the Nokia E73. The E series is completely redesigned under the name of EOS. This would help you get the latest version of android. Apart from this, the company is also planning to release a couple of mid-budget phones in the next two or three months. So, if you have a Nokia E73 and want to get the latest update, make sure you check this mobile phone in time for the summer season.

Phones that are rolling out in the coming months are expected to include some of the features that are mentioned above. This would help you enjoy more from your mobile. So, if you want to experience the best with your Phone’s in terms of performance, variety and style, do check these upcoming phones in the September mobile news.


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