Social Media Marketing: Why it’s Important to Target Your Audience

Social Media Marketing: Why it’s Important to Target Your Audience

Social media has become an essential part of websites today. The internet has been transformed into a portal where people and businesses to connect. Social media allows the audience to interact with you and forms the base for the exchange of information and ideas. Social marketing, however, is a subset of online marketing dedicated to the promotion of your business online. This includes creating a profile for your business, maintaining a social media feed, disseminating news and promotional offers, running social media ads, and tracking your results.

Social media marketing is how you use social media to enhance your online presence, build brand awareness, create customer loyalty, increase sales, reach a wider audience, and ultimately improve your bottom line. This also includes publishing great content in your social media accounts, listening and interacting with your followers, monitoring your results, and disseminating social media ads. While many people associate social media marketing with spending hours posting links and making comments, it is actually more time-consuming than it appears. There are a number of tools and platforms that make this process easier, such as news feeds, RSS feeds, videos, apps, and the overall architecture of your site. Many experts also recommend breaking your posts up into segments, so you can manage your content easier. Following these simple steps will help you ensure the greatest results from your social media marketing efforts.

The first step in your social media marketing strategy is to use social media marketing to increase engagement on your company’s website. Your site should always have an engaging content, something new or a twist on an old subject, that engages users and encourages them to share. For example, if you have a blog, update it often, create a YouTube channel, or develop a Facebook application, each one should engage the user in some way. Using social media marketing to foster this engagement will increase brand awareness, keep your followers engaged, create viral channels, and boost your ability to market to a specific audience.

The next step in your social media marketing strategy is to incorporate analytics into your site. Analytics, which are easy to install and use, allow you to monitor the performance of your social promotions and track the keywords and phrases that are most effective for driving traffic to your website. Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools are two great analytics programs that you should incorporate into your site.

News websites, blogs, and discussion forums typically make heavy use of social media marketing in the form of news sharing, blogs, or discussion forums. This strategy is extremely helpful because it allows you to gauge the effectiveness of what you are promoting as well as identifying any difficulties or problems in your campaigns. For news-based brands, this information can be invaluable because it tells you how you are matching up with competitors. If your news-based brand heavily relies on images, for example, you may want to rethink using news images in your social promotions. Using images in news-based content tends to equate to lower click-through rates for your page and can lead to higher bounce rates on your blog or sales pages.

Reddit is another great online community that you can effectively use to market to your target audience. Reddit works hand-in-hand with Twitter and Facebook by allowing users to post comments and stories from their own sites in the form of a Reddit post. This is a great way to engage your target audience because it gives them a chance to voice out their opinions. One thing to keep in mind, however, is to make sure that all of your posts or comments comply with Reddit’s terms of service. One Reddit strategy that has been used effectively is called “AMA”, or “AMA” posts, which allows you to answer questions from your target audience.

If you are not using social media platforms to market to your target audience, but are rather interested in engaging a small business to develop new customers, you may want to consider signing up for the service of a third-party company. While most third-party services are inexpensive and a breeze to work with, there are a few services that allow you to post to more than just Facebook and Twitter, while not penalizing you for having an inactive account. One such service is MediaFlix. MediaFlix will host all of your social media accounts for you, while also making available to you news-feeds from many other media outlets including Flickr, Vimeo, and Flickr plus many more.

The key to marketing through social media is in knowing what kind of content your target audience will find interesting, informative, or useful before they do so. By engaging with your target audience in real life on a regular basis through blogs, news-feeds, or AMAs, you will give them the opportunity to trust you and will eventually be willing to follow your recommendations to the letter. For instance, if you are recommending a book to your friend, tell them about the book at the end of the social media post rather than just saying something like “You should buy [book name here], it’s great.” When you write a blog post, explain why you think the book is a must-read and add a couple links back to the Amazon page where the book can be purchased. You can even link your blog posts back to your MediaFlix account for even more exposure to your target audience.

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