OPPO Reno 6 Review – Unmatched Innovation

OPPO Reno 6 Review – Unmatched Innovation

A lot of people want to see how OPPO Reno beats its competitors in terms of features as well as user friendliness. It has become one of the most wanted smartphones of the current generation and it has also won many accolades for its exemplary performance. This review aims to provide all the information on the smartphone including its specifications, features and benefits. Hopefully, it will also help us determine if OPPO Reno really delivers on its promise.

OPPO Reno is the company’s latest offering, which comes loaded with all the modern day features that will astound you. The phone boasts of enhanced clarity and color reproduction, a high-definition camera, excellent sound quality, multi-functional keys, large multi touch keyboard, a high contrast screen, a large space for storing apps and a lot more. OPPO has customized its operating system to run on the Linux kernel 3.4 and it uses the Adrenal Cortex A5 processor. The dual camera setup is supported by four infrared sensors along with two cameras which are of the digital type. The camera setup allows you to take quality pictures and videos.

One of the best selling features of the OPPO Reno includes the VoIP software pack which enables you to make local, STD or ISD calls as well as international calls using your VOIP connection. One can easily browse the internet using the Firefox browser, which has a very low resolution. The Firefox home page displays the current weather along with the Google search bar and a few other home page widgets. The OPPO Reno also comes with a huge amount of free apps including the Android Market, Chrome, eBay, Facebook, Flickr, MySpace and many more.

The OPPO Reno 6.55-inch curved edge screen has a dual touch feature which makes it more convenient to use. The on screen keyboard has preinstalled Quick reply, Menu, Search and Address book. The large multi media player support is supported by Ringtones, Mp3 Player, Video playback and Bluetooth. The Mp3 player can be used to listen to music, play games and listen to the news. The phone also supports data transfer and browsing the internet in a comfortable environment.

In terms of the hardware, the company has used a combination of technologies to ensure optimum performance of the phone. The hardware of the OPPO Reno incorporates two technologies namely the quad core processor ABL and the Extended battery technology ADDX. It has a quad core ABL processor along with the extended battery technology ADDX to support a high refresh rate of the screen. This enables smooth and fast operation.

The user interface of the phone has many features including the Quick launch keyboard, the Quick dial keyboard, the screen control center, the full QWERTY keyboard, and the multitasking functionalities in addition to the data transfer functionalities. The company has incorporated all these features to provide an efficient operation. There are other features such as, the Secure Digital protection encryption, data backup, Data restoration, remote PC backup, Voice call redial storage, video recording, WiFi, USB cable, AC adapter, Cable port, modem, etc. The OPPO Reno also offers a unique parental control facility with anti virus software.

The OPPO Reno and its predecessor the BlackBerry Playbook offers some great benefits. The company claims that its new offering will work even harder for you by enabling its advanced behavioral changes which are aimed at improving user experience. The phones from the Playbook are equipped with powerful hardware and packed with valuable features. The OPPO Reno offers a number of useful features which include: voice calling, text messaging, internet calling, playing high-definition audio files, data backup, instant location finder, GPS location finder, document viewer, web browser, and many more. You can check out our OPPO Reno review and find out more about this innovative handset.

The OPPO BrightStar line of smartphones is extremely popular with the masses. The best thing about the handset is that it has been able to adopt cutting-edge technology and has been loaded with high performing hardware. These smartphones have a clean interface and use a number of innovative features. The device runs on the latest Android OS 3.2, which has been designed specifically for the device. Users have loved the OPPO Brighton because of its performance and its excellent features. The handset lovers have made the handset one of the most preferred smartphone.

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