Four Things That Makes Newsworthy

Definition of News. News is basically an unpublished account of public human activity, that seeks to educate, interest, or entertain the readers. The First ...

Understanding the Impact of News and Current Affairs Content on the Society

What is news? Well the definition depends upon your perspective. If you consider yourself a business owner or a consumer, you would most likely ask yourself ...

What’s the Difference Between Newspapers and News Agencies?

What's the Difference Between Newspapers and News Agencies? We all have heard the words "the news" used many times over but many people do not understand ...

Top 7 Marketing Terms You Need To Know

Digital marketing is the use of digital technologies, typically mobile devices, the Internet, and various social networking websites to reach potential ...

A Trend For the Future of Media Reporters

It is just news - the latest in mass health care news. The Miami-Dade County Public Health Department says there have been eight confirmed cases of non-natural ...

Six Things That Are Often Ignored in News

We hear it all the time: news. Adjective. It's like a drug. It keeps you coming back for more. You're never tired of the headlines. But what is really ...

LG Smartphones With Newest Variations

In recent years, cell phones have become so personal that it seems there's no one way to use or even own a mobile device. Instead, consumers seem to be more ...

Why Current Events Are Important To Everyone

News today is all about crime, floods, natural disasters, terrorism and health scares. It seems that the world is under threat from terrorism every day. ...

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