How is Healthcare SEO Different from General SEO?

How is Healthcare SEO Different from General SEO?

Every business that has a website knows how important search engine optimization is and that it should be considered as a top priority. Similarly, healthcare SEO has the power to make thousands of people aware of experienced doctors or other health related information via keywords. But it is not a hidden fact that even though SEO has become quite a famous concept, there is a huge part of the population that is still not familiar with the concept of digital marketing let alone healthcare digital marketing. But the part of the population that is aware of SEO charges a heavy price for their services and most times don’t even deliver the results that are expected of them.

This is mostly noticed in the case of white-collar businesses. The possible reason behind this could be the fact that they don’t really have much time to spend for the optimization of their websites. Such white-collar businesses, mostly doctors, hospitals, and clinics, are run by people who are too busy with their work and have to outsource the optimization work to someone else.

However, there are certain things that should be paid attention to before hiring a healthcare marketing agency to do your work. There are certain differences between healthcare SEO and general SEO. Understanding these differences will actually make things much easier for you. You will be in a better position to clearly state your requirements to the person or the agency you are planning on hiring to provide you with quality SEO and healthcare website design services.

Every business including a white-collar business would want more and more people to connect to them and avail their services. The best way to do this is by making the local population aware of your business. So, what you can do is try to rank for as many keywords related to medicine and healthcare as possible.

Now, remember we did say something about keeping certain things in mind while hiring someone to get the job done? Let’s have a look at what those points are.

1. Try to understand the keyword search process

Healthcare SEO is connected to the searches of symptoms and remedies associated with different diseases. While there are long tail keywords searches for doctors, and organ systems, there are searches for short terms related to a specific disease too. What we are trying to imply here is that when it comes to healthcare, people search for all types of keywords. Therefore, in order to make a healthcare business rank on top, you have to target every keyword irrespective of the specificity and the average monthly searches of the keywords. Usually, these two factors are considered when searching keywords for a general business.

2. Make sure your site has a sitemap

A sitemap is nothing but a layout of a website. It basically informs the Google bot about all the sections on your website. The importance of having a sitemap is to make the Google bot identify the information present on your website, and provide it to people who are looking for something similar in a better way.

Since, sitemap is something that makes the bot identify your site’s information and makes it available to the people who are looking for it in a better manner in the form of knowledge bars and snippets, it is important you use these to your advantage. You can provide relevant information about your hospital or clinic, what you specialize in, the reviews of patients you have helped recover.

3. It’s always good to know your competition

Having a proper knowledge about your competition is very important. It is one of the main factors behind a successful business. Now, you don’t have to get very aggressive with finding out about your rivals. Still, you should have a basic knowledge about the hospitals or clinics that provide similar services as you in the area. When you provide services related to a specific disease, you will find that there are only limited keywords that people use to search for it in your area. Hence, you should be well aware of them and try to target those keywords to attain a higher rank.

4. Keep yourself updated about The Medical Google Algorithm 

The Medical Google algorithm is yet another important Google algorithm that you should be aware of especially if you are in the medical business. In fact, a series of updates in this algorithm back in the year 2017 affected the medical industry severely.

So, if you are hiring a professional team to do the work for you then it is pretty much okay but if you are running tight on budget and have to hire someone who is new to this, you might want to tell them that you want your SEO done in accordance with this algorithm. This can put you in a position where you can have an advantage. If your competitors are ignoring this algorithm but you aren’t Google will rank your website higher than theirs.

5. Following trends is significant

Following trends is significant for every business even if it is a white-collar business. You need to be aware of the keywords that people are using to make searches related to your business. Using Google Alerts, or subscribing to newsletters, or using Google Trends could be a great way of doing it.

See the thing is, as a doctor or a practitioner you would know about all the trends in your field, but the people who are not connected to your field might not know them. Knowing these trends will help you convey your business’s message easily and in a better way.


The points mentioned above pretty much makes it clear that they are not something that is associated with general SEO. Healthcare SEO is very different in various aspects. As a white-collar business you should very well be aware of what is trending in your industry, and what can you expect. All the points that have been presented to you in this post will help you understand the difference between healthcare SEO and general SEO and will also help you in stating your requirements clearly to your agency.

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