Choosing a Floor standing Vanity Unit with Basin for Family Bathroom

Choosing a Floor standing Vanity Unit with Basin for Family Bathroom

The floor standing vanity units with basin is a great fixture due to their look and practicality. That’s why these bathroom units are a popular choice for family bathrooms. Gone are the days of stand-alone washbasins you would normally find in old homes. The world is quickly moving towards innovation and comfort, and with it comes vanity units. Like a shower and toilet, vanity units are now a must-have fixture in modern bathrooms.

Floor Standing Vanity Unit

From being a luxury to a necessity, floor-standing vanity units have gained widespread popularity in such a short time. People are more focused on installing these units in en-suite bathrooms but considering their various sizes. They can also work perfectly in your family bathrooms.

How is Floor Standing Vanity Units with Basin Different?

It is clear from the name that these are vanity units that directly stands on the floor. While in comparison, the other option that you have available is the type of vanities that hung on the wall. This difference makes them suitable under different conditions. For example, because it takes up the floor, these are not considered suitable for the small bathrooms. However, you will not find the styles and options available more than in the floor standing category. There are limitless options available. Making it easier for you to create the type of aesthetics you want easily. There are types of floor standing vanity unit with basin available for the traditional or classic look, the wall hung style is not suitable in the same situation.  

Different Types of Floor Standing Vanity Units with Basin

These come in single and double bowl variants. While considering the high usage of family bathrooms, double bowl vanity units would only fit the need. Whether you are sticking with the traditional outlook or pursuing a more modish and contemporary theme, various floor-standing vanity units with basins meet the requirement.

Traditional Floor Standing Vanity Units with Basin

Traditional floor standing vanity units don’t look much different from an ordinary dresser in your parent’s bedroom except for a sink on top. You would need to install large vanity units for a family bathroom that usually come with two bowls on top.

If you are thinking of an upgrade or renovation of your shared bathroom, floor standing vanity units are a great way of maximizing storage while also enhancing the room’s looks. Traditional vanity units offer a great way of incorporating a classical theme in your bathroom. You can choose a Victorian-styled theme or use a grainy wooden texture for the outer cabinets.

While you are choosing the material for vanity construction, do not forget to match the unit with the tile work in your bathroom to truly complement each other.

Contemporary Floor Standing Vanity Units with Basin

Despite how sophisticated and fancy traditional vanity units might look, you cannot stop adopting modern outlooks. Contemporary-styled floor standing vanity units provide a sharp and sleek look to the bathroom.

Apart from the minimalistic outlook, modern themed vanity units make the best use of the space available. Unlike traditional vanity units that are more focused on elegance and style, the modern units are simply inclined towards saving up more room.

This is why they are being adopted far and wide into UK households that have congestions issues. Small families or young couples who are setting up their own homes prefer to go for the modish look.

Is It a Better Option in Comparison to Wall Hung Vanity Units?

The simple question of whether floor standing vanity units with basin in comparison with the wall hung vanities can be answered if we know the requirements. That means choosing which type of storage unit is suitable for your space highly depends on the specific circumstances. If you have a large or medium size bathroom, then floor standing is the right option. In smaller spaces like cloakrooms, a wall-hung vanity unit with a sink can be a compact option. When the focus is on saving space, you should go for the wall-hung style option for better space usage.

 In addition, that the type of look you want in your bathroom will also influence your decision. For example, if you want to create a classic or traditional look, it can be a better option. A wall-mounted style fixture goes well with modern and contemporary styles. However, there are many types of floor-standing storage furniture that are suitable for modern or contemporary bathrooms. 

Bottom Line

Floorstanding vanity units with basin are a wonderful addition to your home no matter what look you go for. Traditional as well as modern-styled units have their own set of qualities and drawbacks. While one provides a more classic and fancier outlook, contemporary vanity units impart a premium finish while also using the space brilliantly. Before setting out to getting one, make sure you do all the necessary homework beforehand. You can check with Royal Bathrooms online store in the UK for latest deals and discounts on bathroom units.

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