A Complete Guide to Samsung’s Next Mobile Phone

A Complete Guide to Samsung’s Next Mobile Phone

Welcome to the Gadgets 360 Mobile Phone Review page. Here, you’ll discover the latest gadgets and mobile phone models released around the globe. Rather than the usual (and boring) mobile device review websites, we thought it better to showcase the newest gadgets, so you get a better look at the newest models available. When you’re done here, go directly to our mobile review website for more mobile phone reviews.

Our mission is to keep you updated on the latest news and leaks from the mobile industry. That’s why we’re also providing a link to some of the best android phones that are currently available. If you wish to view them all (including future mobile phones), from reverse chronological order, or in alphabetical order, visit the Gadgets 360 Phone Locator page, and hit the “search” button. You’ll be shown dozens of new leaks and news stories from the mobile world. From the famous Galaxy Note to more budget-friendly phones like the Motorola Cliq, the newest gadgets and devices are revealed here. The information provided here comes straight from the manufacturers themselves.

If you prefer to just see some of the most recent leaks and announcements without having to dig through tons of pages of technical information, you’ll love our news blog. With our handy new leaks page, you’ll be able to see the best price for some of the most popular (and worst) smartphone models this summer. If you know where to look, you may even spot an unlocked Samsung Galaxy S4 for dirt cheap. It’s possible that the device won’t have any features at all – just the bare essentials, so it would be a good idea to test the phone for a while beforehand.

A favorite of ours is the AT&T iPhone leaks. There are new upgrades coming out for all of the major mobile network carriers, and they’re scheduled for release after the end of the year. There’s no telling when they’ll make their debut, but we’ve already seen them in the form of some AT&T trailers. We’ve also got an extensive list of the devices and services that will be receiving the upgrades.

One of the most hyped devices of the year is the Google smartphone. After the company’s Nexus 4 failed to excite consumers with great performance, the company has shifted its attention to another brand of phones: the Android family of devices. Like the iPhone, there’s no clear way to determine the phone’s speculations, but we’ll do our best to determine what to expect in this year’s lineup. Keep an eye out for the new HTC Desire and LG Optimus. HTC’s Desire will probably carry over much of the design language of its Windows Mobile counterpart, while the Optimus will probably use the same Material Design theme as the iPhone. LG’s new flagship will most likely be called the Optimus and it will carry over much of the hardware spec sheet as the LG Optimus 2.

It may not be as helpful to look at the latest news for Android phones as it is for iPhones, however. The same rumors about the next generation of phones may leak before the official release date, leaving everyone scrambling for a new phone before it slips out of stores. Manufacturers are always trying to reduce manufacturing costs, so if there’s a rumor of a new phone hitting the market around the same time as a major manufacturer releases one, it’s probably a good bet. The leaks could also indicate minor updates to existing phones.

The rumors have a tendency to vary greatly about what they should feature on an upcoming android device, but they all generally have something to do with new features or Android interface enhancements. For example, one popular rumor involves the possibility of an enhanced file manager, an update to the Camera app, the introduction of an app for playing videos, and the Galaxy S4’s support for HTML5. Samsung is expected to introduce two new apps that aren’t a part of their existing apps lineup. One of these will likely be a news reader like Flipboard, while the other will most likely be a media player that can stream music and other media files from the internet.

Another rumor centers around a new design for the capacitive screen on Samsung’s new phones. It is said that the company will add a touch sensitive layer to make it easier to use. This will probably be part of the 4.2 inch handset update. There are also rumors about new design changes to the notification center, a new browser, a new keyboard layout, improved memory and storage, and a new user interface for the Windows interface. These are only some of the more popular rumors we’ve heard concerning Samsung’s upcoming smartphones, so keep reading at Cultureddit for more details.

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